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As parents, you know how hard it can be to find "extra" time to get involved in your child's education. But your involvement helps your child tremendously, and enriches your school community. Parents are crucial to education — and you're critical to keeping open communication with teachers and schools. To help you with this, we are providing some tips and techniques for staying in touch and staying involved.

Kindergarten: Little Children Big Learning
Specialist Teachers: A Review of the Literature
Full-day Kindergarten: Why it works
Kindergarten teachers & DECEs
Full-day Kindergarten: How it works
Understanding the Education Funding Formula
After the teacher interview
During a teacher conference
Special education support varies by board
Before the teacher interview
Talk to your child’s teacher
Your rights as a parent
A good relationship
Professional judgement
Supporting your child with special needs
Providing an Individual Education Plan
Play-based learning
Helping with math
Read every day
Raising a reader
Roots of Equality
Get involved in your child's school
A Way with Words and Images
Greater independence
School readiness checklist
Peace Picture Books
Ability/Disability Picture Books
Welcome to school
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