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As parents, you know how hard it can be to find "extra" time to get involved in your child's education. But your involvement helps your child tremendously, and enriches your school community. Parents are crucial to education — and you're critical to keeping open communication with teachers and schools. To help you with this, we are providing some tips and techniques for staying in touch and staying involved.

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Your Child

Inclusive Classrooms Tips for Parents Self-esteem & Your Child Homework Support

Your School

Full-Day Kindergarten Special Education You & Your Child's Teacher Parent Teacher Interviews

Inclusive Classrooms


Peace Picture Books

Here are some picture books dealing with peace that you can read with your children. These books are part of ETFO’s Social Justice Begins With Me curriculum resource.


A Way with Words and Images

We say that “words will never hurt me”, but sometimes words do hurt. A Way with Words and Images suggests ways to talk about ability and disability that aren’t hurtful. Check out the list and use appropriate words and encourage those around you to do the same.

Tips for Parents

Welcome to school

You want to make your child’s first experiences at school positive ones. Here are some tips to help your child with the transition.

School readiness checklist

Children do not need to have specific knowledge or skills to begin school. But it is helpful if they are able to...

Greater independence

Here are a few suggestions to encourage your child to develop more independence in preparation for school.

Self-esteem & Your Child

Homework Support

Raising a reader

Making reading a part of your relationship with your child will help your child at school and establish a life-long love for learning. 

Read every day

Read every day. Here are some ways to incorporate reading into your day.

Full-Day Kindergarten

Play-based learning

Another valuable aspect of Ontario’s Kindergarten program is play-based learning.

Full-day Kindergarten: How it works

Every four- and five-year old in Ontario has the opportunity to attend a full-day Kindergarten program.

Kindergarten teachers & DECEs

Kindergarten teachers are trained to teach across the grades and across the continuum of learning.

Special Education

Ability/Disability Picture Books

A list of picture books that deal with ability/disability that you can read with your children. 

Providing an Individual Education Plan

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a document that may be created for your child if the learning needs are significant and require modifications or a high level of accommodations.

Supporting your child with special needs

Some children have learning difficulties or issues that require special programming and/or additional supports.

You & Your Child's Teacher

Professional judgement

Classrooms change from year to year, depending on the individual strengths and challenges each student brings to the class. For

A good relationship

Learning is a partnership between you, your child, and your child’s teacher. 

Your rights as a parent

As parents, you have a right to know how your child is progressing and to expect early identification of any learning problems.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Before the teacher interview

One of the best ways to keep the learning partnership strong is to attend parent-teacher interviews and meet with your child’s teacher, face to face.

During a teacher conference

Ever wonder how to get the most out of a parent-teacher conference?