Building Better Schools

Ontario has a world-renowned publicly funded public education system. We are committed to improving our schools, to fighting for equity for all, and to creating a safe and supportive environment.

As the heartbeat of public education, teachers and other education professionals play a critical role in helping to shape the system and develop our students to be the very best they can be. Ontario’s future depends on all of us to protect and build better schools.

Thank an Educator in a Big Way!

Educators change lives every day. October 5 is World Teachers’ Day and it’s an opportunity to recognize, celebrate, and thank educators for everything they do.

Support Educators, Support Kids!

Doug Ford has been picking fights with educators, causing chaos and refusing to do right by our kids. The situation is becoming increasingly urgent. Show your support for educators and parents who are taking a stand for public schools.

Stop Virtual Learning

The use of virtual learning was intended to be a temporary measure designed to deliver emergency schooling during the peak of COVID-19 and the global pandemic. Yet, virtual learning continues in Ontario as several school boards have unilaterally made decisions to offer school online.  

Send a message to your school board trustees. Help us put an end to the use of virtual learning for elementary students.

Teachers and Parents Speak Up for Students

Cuts to public schools are hurting students. Educators and parents are speaking up and calling for the investment and supports kids need. Watch and learn more about the challenges facing our schools and how we can all build better schools together.

Generation Black: You're Next

Why we need more Black Educators

Can you answer these Ontario school facts?

Take our short quiz, and learn more about education in Ontario. Some of the answers may surprise you.

Join the Campaign

Ontario has a world-renowned public education system. We all play a role in helping shape this system and provide Ontario students with the best learning opportunities.


Sign up and protect our public education system so we can build better schools for everyone.