Tell the Education Minister it shouldn’t be about who you know - it’s what you know.

Ontario has a world-renowned publicly funded public education system. We are committed to improving our schools, to fighting for equity for all, and to creating a safe and supportive environment.

As the heartbeat of public education, teachers and other education professionals play a critical role in helping to shape the system and develop our students to be the very best they can be. Ontario’s future depends on all of us to protect and build better schools.

Speaking Up For Public Education.

Elementary educators are focused on the safety of every student

Even though the Ford government failed to plan for a safe September... Parents and educators are doing everything we can to make school a success for every child.

The Ford government refuses to support smaller classes even with new federal funding.

Parents and teachers have been calling for more resources to make our schools safer. The federal government listened – putting in $730 million. But the Ford government is only putting one tenth of that into smaller classes.

We Can't Build Better Schools Without You.

We’re asking people all over the province to sign up and be part of this campaign. Parents, guardians, teachers, other education professionals, and allies need to speak up against cuts to education.

The Conservative government is a threat to publicly-funded public education in Ontario. Are you ready to stand up for our schools?

Join the Fight