After the teacher interview

We hope your parent-teacher interview went well. In this tip section, we cover what you should think about when you get home from the conference:

  1. Speak honestly with your child about the discussion you had with the teacher. Let them know both the positives and any problem areas that were discussed, as well as plans that you and the teacher made to help your child make improvements.

  2. Start right away on any plans for improvement and be very consistent. This helps show your child that you consider them important and that everyone (parent, teacher and child) can work together to make positive changes. It also models for your child how to take on problems and turn them around.

  3. If you have a partner or spouse who was unable to attend the conference, fill them in on the information as soon as possible.

  4. Keep in regular contact with the teacher. As a matter of course, phone the teacher after two or three weeks as a follow-up to the meeting and to check up on how things are going.

  5. Our thanks to the B.C. Teachers’ Federation for preparing these tips!