A plan for improving elementary education

Your child has their own unique learning needs, as do the other children in their classroom. Elementary school teachers and other education professionals help them prepare for their future education and training, and how they'll contribute to making Ontario a great place to live. Together, we need to work to make sure our schools are giving them what they need to succeed.

A funding formula that works for kids

Ontario’s education funding formula is based on a model introduced two decades ago that was designed to reduce overall expenditure for public schools. It needs to be fully reviewed and reformed.
Learn more about fair funding

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Smaller classes for everyone

If there’s one thing that kids need to be successful, it’s one-on-one time with their teacher. This has been researched extensively and parents get it too: smaller classrooms mean better outcomes for students.
Learn more about the impacts of smaller classroom sizes

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Support for students with special needs

If students with special needs can receive more of the support they need in school, that’s a win for everyone in the classroom.
Learn more about how we can support kids with special needs

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Testing rooted in learning

You know your kids are thriving when they rush home to tell you about what they learned that day. So why doesn’t our testing system work like that too?
Learn more about how we can improve assessment

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Enriching student learning

Kids benefit from having counsellors and librarians and teachers who provide instruction in the arts and health and physical education.
Learn more about how we can get more specialist teachers in schools

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Inclusive classrooms

We’re fortunate in Ontario schools to have students from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds. This richness is what makes our schools great. When we build a more inclusive environment and curriculum, everyone benefits.
Learn more about how to build more inclusive schools

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A stronger voice for your educators and their union

Teachers rely on union support for professional development, workplace safety, and to represent their issues to the province.
Learn more about how unions advocate for educators and students

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A single secular school system for Ontario

Given the diversity of Ontario’s population, our school system should be playing a key role in fostering mutual understanding and social cohesion.
Learn more about a single secular school system for Ontario

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