A strong voice for educators and their union

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Engage education unions as full partners in the discussion and implementation of education reforms.

Support labour laws that enable unions to represent their members, organize unorganized workers, and advocate for democratic rights and equity.

Ontario public education has benefited from having unions representing teachers and other education workers for more than one hundred years. ETFO and other unions have worked to negotiate compensation and working conditions that attract and retain highly-qualified, committed professionals to the school sector. Through our programs and training, ETFO members engage in professional learning that improves their capacity to be effective educators and keeps them current with new teaching strategies.

By advocating for safe and healthy workplaces, education unions ensure students are learning in safe and healthy classrooms. ETFO, through its health and safety representatives, identifies potential hazards such as poor air quality, unsafe equipment, and the potential threat of asbestos. Through their unions, classroom educators advocate for measures to address workplace violence that threatens the safety and well-being of the entire school community.

Educators and unions don’t just fight for themselves. They’re fighting for our schools, and your kids.

By promoting policies such as smaller classes, curriculum reforms, and more meaningful student assessment policies, unions not only promote improved working conditions for their members—they also address issues that affect student learning and success.

Education unions are committed to addressing broader social issues that affect their students’ ability to be successful learners and to become active and engaged citizens. With the support of their union’s training and classroom resources, ETFO members work in their classrooms, their schools, and their communities to fight against poverty, inequality, and discrimination.

It is important that the provincial government continue to recognize education unions as important partners in the discussion and implementation of education policies. It is equally important that the government not introduce initiatives that weaken the ability of education unions to represent their members and be strong advocates for public education.