Hear from Parents and Educators

Cuts to public schools are hurting students. Educators and parents are speaking up and calling for the investment and supports kids need. Watch and learn more about the challenges facing our schools and how we can all build better schools together.

The Plan to Build Better Schools

Ontario’s future depends on all of us to protect and build better schools. As the heartbeat of public education, teachers and other education professionals are committed to improving our schools, to fighting for equity for all, and to creating a safe and supportive environment.

Teachers and Parents Speak Up for Students

Educators and parents are speaking up and calling for the investments needed to provide supports that would allow all kids to reach their full potential. Watch and learn more about how funding cuts are hurting kids, and how we can all build better schools together.

Add Your Name: Education Cuts are Hurting Kids in Ontario

Six Years of Cuts: The Numbers Tell the Story

The Ontario government’s education funding formula has a new name, but the most important aspect of it has not changed: funding for schools still does not keep up with inflation.

Tell the Government to Make Better Choices for Students

Solutions to the problems facing Ontario’s elementary students are simple and doable. Yet the provincial government is putting corporate tax breaks instead of investments in schools. Add your name and speak up for students!

Generation Black: You're Next

Why we need more Black Educators

Building Better Schools Starts with Stopping the Cuts

Every child deserves a great education that gives them the best possible start in life. But instead of investing in our kids when they need it most, the Ford government keeps cutting funding to public schools.

As a result of the cuts, there’s $1,200 less in funding for every child this year.

Can you answer these Ontario school facts?

Take our short quiz, and learn more about education in Ontario. Some of the answers may surprise you.