Cuts to Public Schools are Hurting Kids – Speak Up Now!

Every child deserves a great education that gives them the best possible start in life. But instead of investing in our kids when they need it most, the Ford government keeps cutting funding to public schools.

As a result of the cuts, there’s $1200 less in funding for every child this year.

Those cuts mean:

Fewer educators and support staff in schools

More crowded classrooms and less one-on-one time

Missing supports, like guidance counselling, for kids who need them

Less access to classroom technology 

Delayed school repairs and forcing school boards to sell buildings to make up for funding gaps

The situation is serious. For example, 95% of elementary schools cannot offer adequate mental health supports. 60,000 children are waiting for autism supports. 

The missing $1200 in funding for every child have real consequences. 

We know we can make a difference when we speak up. 

Sign up now to support the campaign and speak up against the cuts.