Greater independence

Here are a few suggestions to encourage your child to develop more independence in preparation for school.

  • Have your child spend time away from regular caregivers — an activity at your local library is a good start — check for Story Hours or Crafting

  • Save some time every day to talk over your child’s day — if you make this a habit now, it will come more naturally when he or she comes home from school

  • Make sure your child has a set bedtime — your child should be getting between 10 and 12 hours of sleep

  • Start planning and arranging a homework area in your house — it will show your child the importance of school work

  • Give your child specific tasks for helping at home — tidying up will be part of the classroom routine

  • Encourage your child to be responsible for personal care such as dressing and personal hygiene

  • Attend the school open house

  • Plan the route to and from school

  • Visit the school playground during the summer months to make it familiar

  • Read together every day

As you get ready for the first days of school you should also review safety rules. Don’t over emphasis hazards, but make sure your child knows how to keep safe.
Going to school is a big step and now is the time to start preparing so when September comes you can focus on building your relationship with your child’s teacher and school.

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