Say No to Education Cuts!

The Conservative government has tabled its first budget. The government has decided to make deep cuts to social services in order to pay for tax breaks for corporations and wealthy individuals.

The government is making massive cuts to public education, which will result in larger classes from grades 4-8 and in high school, inadequate supports for students with special needs, and a loss of teaching positions and other education professionals in our schools.

MPPs are accountable to their constituents. Take a minute to contact your local MPP and ask them how these drastic cuts to education will impact schools in your community; how many classes will be eliminated in your neighbourhood school; and how many teaching positions will be lost in the schools in your riding.

Parents, students and educators know that we need smaller classes, appropriate supports for students with special needs and more access to education professionals not less. Let your MPP know that you do not support cuts to public education.

Tell your MPP you expect investment in public education not cuts, and ask that they advocate and vote accordingly.