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Do you know what would make schools better? Tell us.

You chose: "Smaller class sizes"

You said "smaller class sizes." Smaller classes improve student engagement and achievement, and help teachers create safe classrooms.

You chose: "More support for special needs"

You answered: “more support for kids with special needs”. This means ensuring that teachers have the resources to set core learning goals and tailor learning to the student.

You chose: "Ending standardized tests like EQAO"

You answered: “ending standardized tests like the EQAO." Educators should set the agenda to ensure we’re prioritizing deep learning: the critical-thinking, analytical, and problem solving skills kids need to succeed.

You chose: "Specialist teachers who inspire"

You said specialist teachers were important. They are! Sufficient funding and a flexible schedule will help them prepare and have the resources they need to inspire our kids.

You chose: "Fewer school closures"

You answered: “fewer school closures." To ensure that our kids don't have a break in their learning.


Smaller class sizes


More support for special needs


Ending standardized tests like EQAO


Specialist teachers who inspire


Fewer school closures

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Schools that work for kids focus on the one-on-one time that kids need to ask the big questions, assess their learning progress, and tailor instruction to fully prepare for high school and beyond. They ensure that no kid is left behind. Schools that work for them start with you.

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