Welcome to school

You want to make your child’s first experiences at school positive ones. Here are some tips to help your child with the transition:

  • Introduce some time away from your child’s caregivers. For example, begin with story-hour at the local library.

  • Discover the route to and from school. Practice the route several times to build your child’s confidence and establish safety-conscious routines.

  • Discuss personal safety, busing and block parents.

  • Raise concerns related to faith and culture with the school’s staff.

  • Help your child build a positive attitude to school. Find out the teacher’s name and use it when discussing school activities.

  • Use a calendar throughout the year. Circle the day on which school begins, and other dates important to your child.

  • Visit the school at every opportunity. Take advantage of open houses, interviews and registration to make the transition easier on yourself as well.