The ABCs

This is what you need to get started:


Pull out your calendar and plan your community forum. Ensure that this day is at least three weeks out, is not on any religious or cultural holiday, and that ETFO teachers and representatives, council representatives and community groups are available on that day. Similarly, you can check if any community groups that may be interested in this community forum aren’t hosting any similar events on that day.

Already have a date? Have you sent it to ETFO yet?


A central and physically accessible location is best—and lucky enough, that happens to be most schools in your district! Book a room as fast as you can and flip it to ETFO, ensure that this room has small tables or chairs organized in a way that allow for break out groups and discussion.

Already have a location? Is it physically accessible, central, and has capacity? Great! Pull out the Google map directions and send it to ETFO.


You have hosted these events before—harken back to when you had the most attendance, maybe that time worked the best for attendees! If you haven’t, think about hosting the event around the times guardians and parents usually come to pick up their kids from school or at a time you can confirm day care.


ETFO is happy to cover venue and refreshments if you run it by us at least three weeks before your event.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.