What's your priority?

You chose: "More support for special needs"

You answered: “more support for kids with special needs”. This means ensuring that teachers have the resources to set core learning goals and tailor learning to the student.

You chose: "More specialist teachers"

You said specialist teachers were important. They are! Sufficient funding will help them prepare and have the resources they need to inspire our kids.

You chose: "Fewer school closures"

You answered: “fewer school closures." Our public schools are the heart of communities right across Ontario.

You chose: "Smaller class sizes"

You said "smaller class sizes." Smaller classes improve student engagement and achievement, and help teachers create safe classrooms.

You chose: "Ending standardized tests like EQAO"

You answered: “ending standardized tests like the EQAO." Educators should set the agenda to ensure we’re prioritizing deep learning: the critical-thinking, analytical, and problem solving skills kids need to succeed.


More support for special needs


More specialist teachers


Fewer school closures


Smaller class sizes


Ending standardized tests like EQAO

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