Policy 7 Recommendations

Revise English as a Second Language (ESL) grants to more accurately reflect the number of students who don’t speak English when they enrol at school.

Revise English as a Second Language grants to increase the capacity of schools to extend these programs to students who continue to need the support beyond four years.

Provide classroom resources to support the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy.

Implement mandatory collection of student and staff race-based data by all public school boards.

Implement mandatory training and professional development for all administrators, school board trustees, and teacher candidates on recognizing and addressing anti-Black racism.

Provide teachers with training that addresses discrimination and oppression of marginalized students.

Fund community workers at the school board level through Grants for Student Needs.

Provide specific compensatory grants for schools in disadvantaged communities to support additional learning materials, field trips, and in-school arts programs.

Increase investments in anti-poverty measures such as income support and tax reform.

Increase funding to expand parent access to early learning and care programs for children aged 0 to 3.8 by funding capital expansion, childcare subsidies, and wage enhancement for childcare staff.

Increase the capacity of schools to act as hubs for community services.