Our Priorities

Quality Public Education for All Ontario Students

Ontario has one of the best public education systems in the world, providing high-quality education for every student regardless of where they live in the province. Last year, the Conservative government made significant funding cuts to public education.
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Kindergarten Works

Extensive research has shown that Ontario’s current Kindergarten model, which includes a full-time certified teacher and a designated early childhood educator (DECE), works best for students. It lays the foundation for all of their learning going forward and provides lasting benefits for children’s reading, writing, numeracy, self-regulation and social skills.
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Addressing Violence in Our Schools

Violence in our schools is a symptom of broader issues facing the education system; including: larger classes, a lack of resources and student supports and fewer staff to meet the varied needs of students.
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Support for Students with Special Needs

The funding model for special education programs is based on a predictive model rather than student needs. Funding is disconnected from what is happening in elementary classrooms and the needs of students in our schools.
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