It’s time for one secular school system

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Given the diversity of Ontario’s population, our school system should be playing a key role in fostering mutual understanding and social cohesion. This goal is best achieved through an education system where students of all backgrounds learn together and see themselves in the faces of their teachers, and where curriculum is developed based on the whole population, not on the beliefs of one religion.

Public and Catholic school systems should be merged to create one public school system for English language students and another for French language students. The 2018 ETFO poll indicates that 56 per cent of Ontarians agree with this position.

The fact that Canada’s leaders in 1867 made a deal should not mean that deal can never change. Quebec and Newfoundland both changed their school systems. Quebec has eliminated its Catholic and Protestant school boards and Newfoundland has replaced seven denominational school boards with one public board. What is needed is the political will to make the change.