Promise them the stars, and teachers to get them there.

If not now, when? We want our kids to have the resources they need to excel. Sign our pledge to support specialist teachers.

Teacher-librarians and guidance counsellors play a key role in developing student literacy and providing our kids with the research, critical thinking and technical skills that are the building blocks of their success. Studies conducted by People for Education show how crucial these educators are. Yet, the lack of funding for guidance counsellors and teacher-librarians means their numbers continue to decline in schools across the province.

It’s important to your kids’ future to establish a balance between a focus on literacy and numeracy, and programs in other subjects including science, social studies, the arts, and physical and health education. The provincial government allocates $33 million to the EQAO, $70 million for the Ministry of Education’s Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, and a further $45 million to support data-driven literacy and numeracy initiatives at the board and school level. The truth, however, is that the government would get a greater return on its investment in literacy initiatives if it allocated enough funding for teacher-librarians and guidance counsellors. Guidance counsellors are teachers with specialised skills and training to support students with personal and social issues and make decisions regarding their high school programs that will directly affect the university they get into and their future career path.