Kindergarten Works

Extensive research has shown that Ontario’s current Kindergarten model, which includes a full-time certified teacher and a designated early childhood educator (DECE), works best for students. It lays the foundation for all of their learning going forward and provides lasting benefits for children’s reading, writing, numeracy, self-regulation and social skills.

Created by education experts and based on international research, Kindergarten makes Ontario a global leader in early childhood education.

The government has not committed to continuing the current model of full-day Kindergarten beyond the 2019-20 school year. This means that it may be considering changes as a way to make further cuts to public education. Parents and educators are extremely concerned about cuts to a program that has proven to be so effective for children.

What you can do:

Write to your local school trustee and ask them to stand up for Kindergarten. Use our easy tool to find and write to your local trustee.