Helping with math

Communication between home and school is an important part of the mathematics program in Ontario’s elementary schools. Be positive about math and encourage your child to have fun while solving problems. Highlight the math that you do in your everyday activities such as measuring ingredients when cooking and doing mental math when making a purchase. Encourage your child to explain how they solved a problem.

  • Other math ideas for at home include:

  • talk about shapes and sizes in your environment

  • track the weather over the summer and discuss the number of sunny or cloudy days

  • look for patterns around your neighbourhood (e.g., interlocking bricks or gardens)

  • measure objects around your home using found objects (e.g., a paperclip) and a ruler

  • estimate the length or height of objects in your home

  • compare the length of different objects around your home

  • count objects around the house – remember to count by 1’s, 2’s, and 5’s

  • identify numbers everywhere in your environment

  • play games and do puzzles with your child

  • Most of all have mathematical fun together!

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