Speaking out for public education in Ontario

Hear Voices

Stand Up For Indigenous Children and Education

Cindy Blackstock explains why all of us should be activists for children and stand up for Indigenous kids to ensure quality education for all! Watch her talk about her dream.

Stand up for Students

"When you start to increase the number of students in a classroom, when you start to decrease the number of educational assistants or Designated Early Childhood Educators, you are tearing away at the very fabric of public education. The people who will be most affected, the people who will be hurt the most are students in the system, particularly marginalized and vulnerable students. We need to stand together to protect publicly-funded education, but particularly we need to stand up for the students who are in publicly-funded education," says ETFO President Sam Hammond.

Invest in Future Generations

"By investing and putting resources in the public education system, we are investing in the most valuable resources of our society. The future generations. The schools belong to all of us. And it’s up to all of us to make sure the public education system continues to be a thriving space for our communities and our children," says Winnie Ng in this powerful video.