Get involved in your child's school

Here are some suggestions for how you can get involved in your child’s school and some tips for helping your child enjoy and benefit from school:

  • Become active in your child’s school: help out at school events, attend school events, volunteer in your child’s classroom, or share an interest of yours with your child’s class.

  • Speak regularly with your child’s teacher: share information about your child, visit the school regularly, and contact your child’s teacher when you have questions or concerns.

  • Encourage a positive attitude towards learning: discuss school activities with your child every day, speak positively about education, encourage your child’s best effort, assign home responsibilities your child can learn from, and take the time to listen to your child talk about school.

  • Encourage good work habits: help your child with challenging assignments without doing the work, review your child’s school work and homework assignments every day, discuss appropriate expectations for your child with the teacher, and provide an opportunity for play and rest each day.

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