Full-Day Kindergarten is important for our children.

We asked you to tell us a story about why Full-Day Kindergarten is important.

Share your story on why Full-Day Kindergarten matters to you and your family. If we include your story in social media or as part of a government consultation submission we will only identify the story by your first name.

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As a Kindergarten teacher I see the benefits of Full-Day Kindergarten. Students come in at an age that helps them have a level playing field for Grade 1.



Full-Day Kindergarten is important to the academic, social and emotional well-being of ALL students, especially our students with special needs. Let’s keep teachers and DECEs in Full-Day Kindergarten.



I live, breathe and dream Kindergarten. There is no other grade where my love of outdoor learning, collaboration, play and inquiry, math and literacy and developing resilience and respectful global citizens come together as beautifully as the Kindergarten program. I believe in the quality and the strength that teachers bring to this program. The rumours about removing teachers from this program breaks my heart. I have spent so much energy and time devoted to planning the best program and being the best early years educator that I can be. I would feel lost without the ability to teach Kindergarten. It is a hard a job. Some days I teach children to tie their shoes, cough into their elbow, how to decompose numbers or how to solve a social conflict. Other days I am comforting a child whose anxiety is so strong that their stomach hurts and teaching them how to cope.



Students who came into our program unable to write or hold a pencil, left our program writing stories, reading and applying mathematical behaviours within their everyday play. As an educator, I have seen the benefits of the teacher and ECE partnership.



In a society that now requires both parent figures to work, Full-Day Kindergarten helps to support families to be able to better provide for themselves.Taking away Full-Day Kindergarten would be taking a step backwards. Let’s continue to be a progressive province.