Full-Day Kindergarten is important for our children.

We asked you to tell us a story about why Full-Day Kindergarten is important.

Share your story on why Full-Day Kindergarten matters to you and your family. If we include your story in social media or as part of a government consultation submission we will only identify the story by your first name.

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I work as an Early Childhood Educator in a Full-Day Kindergarten classroom. Myself and my teaching partner go to work everyday to learn something new along side our little learners. Our goal is to send them along the best they can be not only academically but socially and emotionally ready for the big world ahead of them. The benefit of the partnership provides the BEST education for our little ones. All day long the children know they have one of us to look to for help, advice, a hug. Without BOTH of us.. many of the children wouldn’t get more than a “hi” in a typical day.



Without Full-Day Kindergarten, our children become more at risk of not being successful in school, which leads to struggling adults. Our country needs to have adults able to give to our society and be strong leaders. They are our future and why would we risk the beginnings?



My oldest was very anxious going to school and cried everyday for September. Had he gone to school every other day he would have struggled even more to adjust to school. Full-Day Kindergarten aids students in the transition to Grade 1.



If Full-Day Kindergarten is changed to half days, it will be extremely expensive to have my son in daycare or to find alternative care while I am at work full-time. With a mortgage and bills, no one can afford this type of change if you have younger children.



As a mother, the growth I witnessed in my two older children who were fortunate enough to go to FDK set the foundation to their academic success. I only hope that the government does the right and only thing and leaves Kindergarten and the educational team as is, so my younger two children receive the same valuable head start to their academic careers.



Full-Day Kindergarten is important for everyone’s future. It is proven to give our children the best start in life. These children will be our nurses, doctors, lawyers, pilots, educators, mechanics, moms, dads and the list goes on. Investing in Kindergarten is investing in our future.



Teaching Kindergarten has made me acutely aware of the immense capabilities, blooming curiosity and keen competence in social and academic tasks of our youngest learners. The dynamic relationship between DECEs and teachers exists and supports all aspects of a children’s growth and development. Currently, the number of students in a class allows for individualized attention and school boards, unions and provincial government must work together with the goal of meeting students’ needs as their guiding principle.



Full-Day Kindergarten program has benefited my (now 1st grader) with many skills like reading, writing, self-regulation, peer-to-peer learning, making meaningful choices and knowing what a school schedule will look like rather than a child care environment.



My family comes first but a close second is my job as a Kindergarten educator in an inner city school. Brain research has proven that the early years are crucial to child development. We insure that we provide TLC for nurturing the emotional and social aspects of their lives. Similarly we address their quest for knowledge. We also provide regular exercise and healthy snacks to help them grow to their full potential. We are child development experts and we fully address the needs of our children that will one day be needed to run our country.



Full-Day Kindergarten is essential for our children. They are sponges and soak up so much information in those early years. This could not be more true for those in low-income areas – these kids need school, it is their safe place to learn, grow, feel loved, be fed, etc.