Full-Day Kindergarten is important for our children.

We asked you to tell us a story about why Full-Day Kindergarten is important.

Share your story on why Full-Day Kindergarten matters to you and your family. If we include your story in social media or as part of a government consultation submission we will only identify the story by your first name.

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Full-Day Kindergarten was a game changer for me. I have taught both half day, as well as alternate day Kindergarten and I finally feel as though I am able to best support our youngest learners with the Full-Day Kindergarten model. Having two adults in the room, each with our own strengths and expertise really sets the tone for our classroom. I feel as though I am finally able to use best practice techniques, such as small group instruction, to support learners while my teaching partner engages in center learning. I can’t imagine going back to an older model of Kindergarten.



Breaking down FDK removes two years of a growing environment where children are bonding and learning about themselves, together. They learn and play, and play is the heart of of being a kid. I started teaching in Kindergarten my first year, taught many grades in between. I’m back in Kindergarten and couldn’t be happier.



My son is three and will be starting Kindergarten in September. He has been in full-time childcare in a daycare centre since he was 12 months old. It would be extremely detrimental to his development for him to suddenly not be in a full-time childcare setting.



As a parent, I have noticed significant growth in my child over the course of his Full-Day Kindergarten journey. He is currently in year two of the program and is reading, adding and subtracting, using problem solving skills independently and developing strong friendships. I truly believe that this was all possible by the strong Full-Day Kindergarten program run at his school.



I believe that children need to be engaged, learning and playing every single day. I believe that if we could empower and give them the tools they need every single day this will enrich their learning. It is a big adjustment for young children to start school and keeping it consistent is what makes kids grow.



My daughter hit all her milestones early and at three could have started school so this year at four when she did start it was perfect for her. She loves school, loves the learning the social interaction etc. I’m a hands on mom who does learning activities at home but Full-Day Kindergarten provides her with stimulation, experiences and learning that she needs and would not experience at home



I am a Special Needs Teaching Assistant with the board. I work Kindergarten with two amazing little guys. Please don’t take away the support they need and deserve.



I see the value of Full-Day Kindergarten for children and families. I see the value in educator teams as it is important to collaborate to provide an excellent program. I see the value in a supportive environment for children that is not rushed or cramped. I hope that others see the value and importance of early learning.



I taught Kindergarten in a high needs school and experienced the hugely positive difference that Full-Day Kindergarten makes! Especially to those children who live in poverty or live in households troubled with mental health issues or substance abuse issues. School is a safe haven for all children to learn, to listen to lots of stories and to interact with their peers and to explore their world.



I believe Full-Day Kindergarten is extremely important. As an ECE in a school board, I don’t write this with the risk of losing my job, but with a heavy heart that children might lose their experiences of learning at its fullest potential.