Full-Day Kindergarten is important for our children.

We asked you to tell us a story about why Full-Day Kindergarten is important.

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As a mother of two (2.5 and 7 months) and a full-time DECE, Full-Day Kindergarten is everything. It is my job as well as my future. I am so fortunate to experience this early learning program as a professional career and excited for my children to engage in such an enriching program. However, the possibility of disrupting this program is causing me sleepless nights. Extensive research shows that starting children in this social learning environment better prepares them for future success. To take away or alter such a deeply rooted program is extremely disheartening. Dear Ford: the answer is simple. Please leave Full-Day Kindergarten alone! Sincerely, one worried sick Mother and Full-Day Kindergarten DECE.



School can be overwhelming for most students, but giving them those two years of added experience will help ensure that the transition into first grade is simple and smooth.



I work in a French Immersion school. When Kindergarten first became Full-Day Kindergarten, it was very apparent how much students were benefiting from being at school all day. They were able to learn and understand the second language at a more rapid pace.



If FDK is removed, it is the most vulnerable part of our population who will bear the negative effects of this decision. Those who are financially privileged can afford to pay for high-quality early learning opportunities— but there are many who can’t. In the end, it’s the most vulnerable children who will suffer.



It is their first experience with life-long learning and the Full-Day Kindergarten program allows for flexibility and outdoor education! With educators from different backgrounds (teacher and ECE) children and families get the best of both worlds while they adjust, explore and discover what it means to be a citizen of the world. Plus, it’s my job and I was made to be an Full-Day Kindergarten teacher.



Students are not only learning to socialize better in an all-day program, but their academic success is also proving significant. I want children to keep succeeding and I also want my own children to have this opportunity. Having worked in both schools and daycares, daycare is not the same. Not only would the learning suffer but families would also suffer when having to cover the astronomical costs of a daycare program.



Full-Day Kindergarten will ensure a safe and nurturing environment for my children while my husband and I are at our full-time jobs.



Early years learning is an investment that pays off in the future success of students and therefore their families as well. Successful students become positive contributors to society as a whole. Full-Day Kindergarten doesn’t just benefit parents and those Kindergarten students but rather everyone. Kindergarten cannot be viewed simply as an “expense” that can be trimmed or cut but as an investment. If you invest less in the future you negatively impact your future returns. It’s not a linear investment but one that pays off exponentially. We can’t afford not to have it and remain competitive.



Full-Day Kindergarten is a must in these days as kids can receive a better start for their education with more stability than being split in the same day between 1/2 day at school and other half day back home to a guardian or parent and mostly daycare.


M-P Joanis

The Full-Day Kindergarten model is crucial for the emotional and social development of our young students. Many students have shown an enormous benefit from having a stable learning environment following the provocations of the TEACHER AND DECE in the classroom. Please keep this for the students.