Full-Day Kindergarten is important for our children.

We asked you to tell us a story about why Full-Day Kindergarten is important.

Share your story on why Full-Day Kindergarten matters to you and your family. If we include your story in social media or as part of a government consultation submission we will only identify the story by your first name.

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I teach Kindergarten. I have for seven years. I taught before the full-day program and I now teach full-day. I can’t imagine going back. We are teaching our future generation! All of the research that has gone into a play-based curriculum is phenomenal. I am a huge believer in the program. With a full-day and an ECE we are bettering the future our youth and our economy. It would be a mistake to back track.



Teachers and DECEs together provide students with a fantastic combination of different experiences and diverse knowledge to meet student’s needs. It also makes large class sizes much easier to manage. Please do not destroy something that supports some of our most vulnerable population.



My son benefited from it immensely. He is behind in reading and had he not been with his teachers full-time I just know it would have been far worse come Grade 1. Parents are not given the proper tools or time to ensure kids are ready for the expectations of Grade one and Full-Day Kindergarten was a critical role for my son as and I know will be for my second who is scheduled to start in September.



I personally feel it is so very important for children to have opportunities to play and learn together in preparation for future learning. My daughter has grown so much in such a short time and is receiving the kind of stimulating learning experiences that all children should be provided.



My son is in his first year of Full-Day Kindergarten. He’s loving every second of it. I’m seeing amazing growth in his learning and the relationships he’s building with his friends he’s already made. Full-Day Kindergarten has made him more excited to go to school each and every day.



For the past two years I have had the privilege of teaching Full-Day Kindergarten for the first time in my lengthy career. I have personally experienced the immense growth that students show after two years in the Kindergarten program. Having taught Grade one for many years I can see how these students are more prepared for that huge leap to Grade one. We MUST keep this program alive and well for the future of the students of Ontario!



As a working mom, changes to Full-Day Kindergarten would be detrimental to my ability to maintain full-time employment and affect my capacity to attain the income necessary for continuously growing expenses.



Full-Day Kindergarten also has allowed families with lower incomes to give their children full day opportunities without having to pay or wait for daycare subsidies. Full-Day Kindergarten helps to equalize opportunities for all children and families.



Full-Day Kindergarten is critical for developing language and social skills for far too many kids. Too many from all socioeconomic backgrounds arrive at school without the language and social skills required. Full-Day Kindergarten helps fill this gap so Grade 1 isn't too overwhelming. Economically it can be a big deal for families. It allows some people to get a job during the school day. For me, a solo parent, it means there is a bit more at the end of the month. Full-Day Kindergarten is paramount to helping build up our society for future generations.



Full-Day Kindergarten means supporting the early years of a child’s life from literacy to nutrition to healthy peer interactions. Full-Day Kindergarten means the exhaustive and inflated cost of daycare is not an additional pressure on families. Full-Day Kindergarten helps to reduce the stressors on impoverished areas. Do not take Full-Day Kindergarten away.