Protect Fair Hiring Practices - Keep Regulation 274

The Conservative government recently announced more cuts to public education as well as potential changes to school board hiring practices which are currently governed by Regulation 274.

Regulation 274 is a collective bargaining issue, any proposed changes to it should be discussed during negotiations.

Regulation 274 provides a fair, consistent and transparent hiring process for long-term occasional (LTO) and permanent teaching positions. This ensures a fair and predictable pathway to long term and permanent employment in Ontario’s public school boards for qualified teachers.

A study about Regulation 274 commissioned by the Ministry of Education concluded that “its transparency and fairness should make the path to permanent employment clearer to all in the profession, including recent graduates.”

Regulation 274 is an effective deterrent to nepotism and favouritism in the hiring process for teachers.

It is important that MPPs understand the impact of modifying or eliminating Regulation 274. Let the government and your local MPP know that you do not support changes to Regulation 274.