ETFO Strikes

Together, we’re fighting for better schools. With every passing day, we’re getting closer to protecting public education. We can win this fight - and for the sake of Ontario's public education students - we have to. Bookmark this link and check the list below for information on how strikes may affect your region. 

The decision to engage in this action is one we don’t take lightly - but we believe that fighting cuts to your kids’ education is just too important. If you pass by a picket site and are available, please join us on the line or give a friendly honk as you drive by. We appreciate your support.

If you support public education, please take a moment to sign up here. We will send you easy actions you can take to help us stand up for public education.

February 24-March 6, 2020

  • Phase 6 strike protocol: ETFO members will follow their teaching, student supervision and preparation time schedules, as well as other scheduled duties. They will not fill in for absences that should be covered by occasional teachers and education workers, or upload data related to assessments. In addition, ETFO members will not be using their personal funds to pay for classroom and education-related expenses.
  • “During this phase of strike action, ETFO wants to highlight a long-standing concern, which is that teachers and educators have been filling in education funding gaps themselves by paying for classroom basics – books, paper, art supplies, technology, furniture and so on – out of their own pockets,” says ETFO President Hammond. “These are items that should be covered by the Ministry of Education and school boards, but aren’t.”

    “Using their own money to ensure their students have what they need to learn is just another example of the lengths our members will go to support Ontario’s public education system,” noted Hammond. “Unfortunately, this government’s inclination is quite different. It’s determined to pull much-needed funding out of our schools and undermine an education system that is consistently ranked as one of the top performers in the world.”

Why are educators taking action?

Protecting Kindergarten delivered by a full-time certified Teacher and Designated Early Childhood Educator team. The government is putting this program at risk. We’re fighting to protect it.

Smaller classes mean more one-on-one time for every student, more focused learning, and more support for those who need it most. Smaller classes lead to better outcomes.

Support for students with special needs instead of a $235 million cut in funding for special needs supports and at-risk kids. The need for help is higher than ever and these cuts affect every student.

Safe and Healthy Classrooms for all students require resources and supports to address violence.