On June 7, 2018, vote for better public schools

Ontario's education funding formula is shortchanging students, and it’s time to fix it.

It's time to elect a provincial government that will:

  • Fix the Funding Formula! Ontario’s education funding formula is based on a model introduced two decades ago, and desperately needs to be updated.
  • Increase support for special education funding to school boards, including more front line support workers, to meet the real needs of students with learning exceptionalities and mental health issues.
  • Stop overfilling grade 4 to 8 classrooms and bring Kindergarten class sizes in line with other primary grades to create better learning environments for all students.
  • Prioritize the importance of our children’ education by establishing, through legislation, a comprehensive evidence-based review of the education funding formula every five years to determine its effectiveness in supporting high quality public education.

The next Ontario government must conduct a thorough review of the education funding formula, including the way special education is funded.

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